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Understanding Sample Standard Deviation 

The formula to compute the standard deviation from a sample of data looks complex - ugly even. But understanding the the notion of variation (e.g., standard deviation) is fundamental to statistical thinking. At its core, the computation for sample standard deviation is very sensible (like so many other complex-appearing mathematical formulas, e.g., the distance …

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Understanding of the reals: 0.9999…. = 1 

Many people, including mathematics teachers, wrestle with the claim that 0.9999... is the same as 1. Some think of it as incorrect - the former is something just slightly less than but never "reaching" 1. Others perhaps follow the proof but think of it as mathematical "hocus-pocus" - the same as those "proofs" demonstrating that …

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Inappropriate Trimming  ☆

One of the things that makes mathematics as a discipline relatively unique is the constant progression of ideas - that is, mathematics from elementary school onward continues to build on previous developments. As a teacher, this means that one of the aspects that mathematics teachers in particular need to attend to relates to the future …

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